Home made mounting bracket for my 2.5 lb dry chem fire extinguisher.

I picked up a dry chem fire extinguisher to keep in the car just in case, but was unable to find a good mounting place for it. The way I did it actually came about as a direct copy of a friend's idea, but this is how I did it...


Double strap bracket
1" X 1" aluminum "L" bracket that can be found at most hardware stores
2 Grade 8 nuts and bolts (1/4-20 x 1")

I removed the passenger seat and cut a piece of "L" bracket that fit between the 2 front legs where they bolt to the floor of the car. Using the seat brackets as a guide, I drilled holes in the "L" bracket that would allow it to be bolted in place along with the seat of the car. I then drilled 2 holes in the other leg of the "L" bracket so that I could bolt the dual strap fire extinguisher bracket to it.

To finish it off I used my Dremel to round off the corners and smooth out the edge where I cut the "L" bracket and bolted it in place above the seat bracket.

The only drawback is that the passenger seat has to be all the way back when the extinguisher is in place. This is not a problem for me since I never have people in the back seats of the car. There do not seem to be any problems with passenger side leg room with the extinguisher in place though.