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I had been having a vibration problem in my 96GT since I had my Griggs driveshaft/suspension upgrades made at Apex Motorsports in Santa Clara. The vibration was not caused by anything that they did, It has probably been there for a while and was amplified by the much firmer suspension setup. I called Griggs and Bruce (Griggs) set up an appointment to take a look at my car and see what he could figure out on it.

All I can say is the day I spent at their shop was the most fun I have had in as long as I can remember. Not only did they look at my car for me, but they spent close to 4 hours on it and did not charge me for their time. Bruce and John Griggs went that extra mile and then some in the customer service department. Unfortunatley they were not able to cure all of my vibration problems, but I would say they cut the problem in half. It now appears that the problem is either in my transmission (is there a 6 speed in my future?) or possibly the clutch and flywheel. They gave me the name and number of a good shop to further diagnose the problem so we will see what happens.

Now that the GR40 suspension has been completed on my car the vibration problem is gone all together. As it turned out the vibration was caused by both motor mounts being shreaded.

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This carbon fiber hood is on my future mod list for sure...
This bad boy is on its way to having a 4.6 DOHC motor under its removed hood...
I could live with one of these...
My car... Front coil overs Rear suspension/exhaust